Kunjpura Road, Near Aviation Club, Karnal


Day by day competition is becoming tougher in all the arenas but the way things are changing & developments are unfolding in education sector, it is really incredible. Maintaining pace with educational evolution is not an easy task. Mediocrity in the field of education is not acceptable at this challenging time. The need for providing all round development has never been felt so ardently & urgently as is now since our society's larger section is corrupt, has enormous exposure due to media making it all the time more essential that our children must have good character armoured with a strong sheath of values and this is what we endeavour to give at S.S. International Sr. Sec. School. It has been coupled with our unique education system-no tuition, no bag & no homework. With God's grace & parents' co-operation, we have started senior secondary classes in all four streams with no tuition theory. We seek your support to give you & your wards the benefit of tension free education.
May your children carry out your dreams!