Kunjpura Road, Near Aviation Club, Karnal

Transport Rules

*    Board the bus in a line. Do not push or jostle.
*    Sit in the bus on your seat. Do not move around, run, jump or shout in the bus.
*    Follow all the instructions of the conductor/driver. Give them their due respect.
*    Do not talk to the driver in the moving bus as it causes a distraction.
*    Do not take out your arm, leg or hand from the window of the moving bus.
*    Do not get off the bus till it stops moving. Getting off from the slow moving bus can also cause an injury therefore wait for the vehicle to stop.
*    Fighting, shouting or screaming should not be done.

*    In case of any trouble/dispute talk to the transport incharge/ class teacher in this regard.
*    Stand at your stop before the time & wait for the bus.

*    Take due care of the bus as it is a part of school property. No student should scratch, spoil or damage any part of it. Any damage done intentionally will be made good by the one who has done it. In case of any damage by chance, should be reported to the conductor/driver at once.


School Bus Safety Rules

  • Take your seat promptly and sit properly, facing forward at all times
  • Place bags and parcels under your seat or on your lap.
  • Keep the aisle of the bus clear at all times.
  • Always keep your head, hand and arms inside the bus.
  • Throwing objects inside or outside of the bus is not permitted.
  • Dangerous, disturbing or annoying objects are not permitted on the bus

Always follow the bus driver’s instruction.